(to see SPANISH version of this post click here) A Thought: Do you want to have the success that your leaders have? I know you DO! Are you willing to walk the same path they have walked, are you willing to sacrifice and endure the most unimaginable challenges? I know you DO, even though you […]

Pyramid Schemes (to see SPANISH version of this post click here) The industry of direct sales or network marketing is very big and beautiful, unfortunately among many legitimate companies are also many more illegitimate ones, looking back at history we can learn, and make better choices about what company we belong too. During recent years […]

If you are the kind of person who wants to succeed, I truly recommend you to watch the Rocky movies, and if you have watched them, well, do it again, and if you are young and you think the movies are a bit old so I challenge you to watch them. You will find reviews […]

What can I say, every time I hear this song:  Don’t Worry Be Happy, I always get in a very good mood, it very interesting the lyrics are very simple in this song and at the same time they are very strong, it is as people say happiness is found in the simple things, the […]

I always repeat what I once read about the topic: “you must love them first and then they will follow you” as for example with Jesus Christ. That is very true, now it is very important to understand that during your leadership walk it is very easy to lose the love that you once gained, why […]