If you are the kind of person who wants to succeed, I truly recommend you to watch the Rocky movies, and if you have watched them, well, do it again, and if you are young and you think the movies are a bit old so I challenge you to watch them. You will find reviews saying the first two movies are the best or that the fifth is not to good and so and so, but you must watch them all to understand who really Rocky is and what he is made of, and to tell you the truth after you watch the first one you will want to watch the rest. Rocky is the story of an underdog, with no skills or talent living on the wrong side of the street who becomes a winner through determination, Rocky is a character you will love, you will get passionate about him and his life. It is a story you will always remember and if you watch it over and over you will learn a lot of life lessons, so let me tell you the 11 great lessons I learned from Rocky:


1BE HUMBLE In life been humble does not show weakness as many think it is actually a strength, Rocky wins the heart of many with his words, with his actions, his character has integrity he says what he thinks, he shows who he is, he respects others and especially his adversaries, and the best of all he never feigns what he is not.


2BELIEVE IN YOURSELF Rocky finds triumph because he believes in himself, the times in his life when he loses motivation is because he doubts he can do it he limits himself. When you believe in yourself there is nothing or no one who can stop you, remember you are the one.


3KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WORTH Do not underestimate yourself, if you know what you are worth then you will value yourself and therefor you will challenge yourself greater and you will set greater goal to get what you deserve.


4HAVE A PURPOSE If you don’t have a why, if you don’t have a purpose is like a car without fuel, it could be the best car,  you could be the best boxer or the best sales person but without a purpose there is nothing there is not a meaning. Rocky is a person who always has a purpose and throughout his life he tailors that purpose based on his life experiences and lessons.


5BE LOYAL This is big, no one breaks Rocky he is loyal as loyal as it gets, he is to his wife and to his friends, he does not need a contract, his word is his contract. Loyalty is very important in life in team building in a relationship, and unfortunately in life is very rear and unique. Be loyal and surround yourself with loyal people, but do not be naive, realize they are lots of people that will try to take advantage from you, people that will stab you on the back people that feign to be your friends, Rocky learn this on the streets and tried to teach it to his son when he was little.


6BE WILLING TO TAKE THE HITS In life many people will criticize you, and a lot of times they will throw you down. Rocky said to his son once: “it is not about how hard you hit, is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward, that is how winning is done!” and this is very true.


7PAY THE PRICE In order to succeed doing anything you must pay a price, the price of preparation, the price of sacrifice, you must be willing to let go on some things to be able to grab others, Rocky is a perfect example he trained, he pushed his limits, it hurt him, he prepared himself and that is one of the reason he is a champion.


8BE DISCIPLINED  If you want to have good results be disciplined on all you do, it will increase your effectiveness, set goals, set schedules, set times but commit to them, this is difficult especially today with so many distractions, but surly will give you an edge. When it came to training and getting prepared Rocky was really disciplined.


9DETERMINATION No matter what, you move forward!, no matter who you move forward!, no matter when you move forward!. Do not lose your focus, make it happen regardless of all the adversities. Is like when Apollo told Rocky: “you have the eye of the tiger” he meant he was determined.


10DON’T BLAME IT ON ANYONE You are the only one responsible for your failures, blaming others is just a way to justify your misfortunes. The only person to blame is the one who is always in between yourself and your success and that person is you.


11DON’T QUIT  If you fall, you get up, never run away from circumstances no matter how bad they look, quitting does not make you grow as a person, quitting just takes you farther away from success than you were before. The goal is around the corner and you must just keep at it, the easy way is always quitting, Rocky said: “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.” And he also said: “I fight isn’t over until you hear the bell and I have not hear it”



If you want to watch the Rocky movies the good news is the are available in www.Netflix.com the music which is another powerful part of this story you can always get it on www.itunes.com or other places and if you want a biography of the fictional character Rocky along with the summaries of all the movies www.wikipedia.com is a great place.

And to see some of the best moments of all the movies look at this video:

If life has been hard on you, if you have been broken, have fell down, just stand up and keep moving forward, you must get THE EYE OF THE TIGER!


Thanks for reading,


Guillermo Zuluaga

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